Providing Wireless Irrigation Control Systems and Lighting Management Solutions for Landscape and Athletic Field Irrigation in Cities, HOA and School Districts.


  • Significantly reduce water consumption
  • Save Energy - electricity, fuel and manpower
    • Full featured DC Controllers requiring no electrical service
    • Make system changes in minutes from anywhere
    • Total control of field lights
  • Optional ET driven with i-ET software
  • Manual operation of valves with
    i-Remote (BlackBerry and Android apps)
  • Real-Time Flow Monitoring
    • High Flows - broken laterals or valve failures
    • Low Flows - clogged nozles or valve failures
    • Water Leaks - unscheduled water usage
    • Water Bursts - broken mainlines valve stuck open
  • Comprehensive Management Reports (daily, monthly and yearly) of:
    • Water Usage
    • Weather Conditions
    • Power Consumption


ICC / IRRInet Control Center, by Motorola, is the powerful base station and central software that provides a system operator the ability to manage/control irrigation and other resources utilizing the IRRInet family of controllers.



Motorola's wireless communications expertise provides access to field units via Two-Way Radio, IP, Cellular Modem and built in Store and Forward features. These communication methods provide a reliable, cost effective, high speed and efficient method of implementing an irrigation central control system across any type of geogaphic area.



The ARAD Hydrometer brings together two components into a single unit; a water meter and an electrically activated double-chambered irrigation valve. This unit is typically used as a combination Flow Meter and Master Valve when installed as a component of the (ICC) IRRInet Central Control system.